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This is a rare & special find. An antique, ebony & ivory kohl pot/container - in excellent condition it still contains traces of kohl. Used by beautiful women since the ancient days of Cleopatra, this piece dates c. 1800, these fabulous collectable pieces are becoming impossible to find in this sort of order. FREE UK DELIVERY FREE UK DELIVERY

ID Code as144a147

lenght 2.3/4" inch (7cm)

Price £180


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Rare Antique Ebony & Ivory Kohl Pot
Large, spherical/globe shaped Perfume / Scent Bottle with decorative solid silver top and glass stopper. Absolutely stunning this beautiful globe shaped, quality perfume scent bottle has an elaborately decorated top with nice clear hallmarks for Birmingham 1998. Whilst it is a late 20th Century piece, it is styled on the classic Victorian period pieces and displays exceedingly well. In immaculate condition, the spherical bowl is made of exquisitely fluted glass. This is a pretty piece of the highest quality, with an excellent weight.

ID Code as144a008

5.1/4" inch tall

Price £199.00

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Silver Top Perfume Bottle